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Ankama has recalled Dofus Kamas news
It is via a official statement that Ankama has recalled Dofus Kamas news, taking this chance to give more details onto the machine. The machine ends on July 31, you will have two months, from that day, move your character and to package up. The transport will of course be liberated, and all of your stock will be taken into consideration. So consider draining your pens, but also your banks, auction houses! You will have to have a personality slot available to transfer your adventurer.

In this time, the host will probably be in"non subscriber" manner, blocking any trip. Your rewards for reaching the different amounts will be distributed during the first week of August, and will arrive on your Temporis character.However, no new temporary host is intended for the calendar year, the business prefers to learn from his experiences and prepare a more striking event in 2019.

The very first variant of AnkamaLive took place on Monday March 12 in the evening and ToT, CEO and Creative Director of the company Ankama was present and came back to his recent remarks on Twitter related to DOFUS, he subsequently unveiled us a project that was under study for DOFUS MMO: the arrival of a dungeon manner with rules, an artistic leadership and a different financial model of Dofus as we know it.It would be a Dofus game mode reachable from the present DOFUS client as if it were a Dofus game server to buy dofus kamas echo which we generally connect. This mode of play would have its own rules, a dedicated balancing, an artistic management different from that which we can find in the Dofus game and a different financial model. (using a store to get cosmetic items)

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