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Byron has not dropped off in Mut 20 coins any way
Byron has not dropped off in Mut 20 coins any way. Their view would be bolstered by the fact his stats have improved, if they believed him a x-factor in the offseason. Just to be clear, he should be a Superstar however, you just said it at a moronic way.Difference is Byron Jones had 1 good year and there had been several DBs that deserved it who had more years of success and had arguably better years this past year. Kyle Fuller being a CB for years and didn't get it. Lamar Jackson barring injury is going to probably be MVP and will shatter many QB records. Byron Jones did not have an season. MVP and year that is decent aren't near comparable.

The group had his first fumble of the year and only efforts. I have played with the Ravens times in head to head, and in all seriousness I don't believe I fumbled less than twice in a match. Just finished a match at which Lamar fumbled four times.

And it's not a Lamar problem, Madden gets the utterly moronic belief that any quarterback anytime after any address that is given should have a chance of fumbling. It is completely fucking dumb given the evolution of Madden as evidenced by this season, and makes executing a valid offense in Madden an exercise in futility.

It has never been more obvious this predicament is, although it has been a problem for years.. I was among the sticklers who would up every scrambler to 90 carrying with sliders they'd still fumble smh together with tamper in my offline franchises from the cheap Madden 20 coins league. It's quite ludicrous.I guess I know because there's nothing more annoying than a dude who uses the group with the quickest quarterback and scrambles always without any impacts but Jesus Christ. It doesn't make any sense. Especially not in franchise.
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