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I loathed EOC as it came out
Ahead of OSRS Mobile, OSRS had just amounts than Runescape3. Without mobile robots and players included, the two games have a fairly equal playerbase.Runescape is honestly among the greatest games on the market, Massive game with many things to go for old school runescape gold. PVM is a small portion of it. You can complete quests, play with Minigames, Hunt for pets, Do a little skilling, Move for achievements/titles. Go for Comp/trim.

Only downside in the game in my opinion is Treasure Hunter which is a sort of MTX. I truly feel the game will be better without, It's a loss in the short term but a massive gain in popularity at the long term.

RS old school is better... before the nostalgia wears off anyway then you realise that it is not as it had been and never will be, just looks the same. Just filled with poisonous players today and nothing but pking. I loathed EOC as it came out and still would prefer 2009-2010 scape. Since then I've developed a love for EOC. There are a number of things I enjoy, some things I despise but that is how it's I guess. Still a fantastic game!?

OSRS is indeed much better. Runescape3 images is the only thing that it has going for it. The speed you get exp is just broken and also the fact it's possible to buy lamps for exp and only get free exp just for logging on. I began OSRS the very first day it came out and it's been over 6 years since then buy osrs gold safe. It was not about nostalgia. Runescape3 has become an unrecognizable game and OSRS will always be a much better representation of what runescape is and has been for the past 20 decades.

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