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So you could grind gold in wow classic gold
That means Loot Boxes. Lots and lots of Loot Boxes. So you could grind gold in wow classic gold, purchase a WoW Token in the Auction House and then redeem it for credit to pick some up. The issue is finding Tokens, since they're offered by real players and you can bet that the prices have gone up following the latest change.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft will soon be receiving a massive new update now. Update 7.1.5 adds quite a lot of stuff to do including Mists of Pandaria Timewalking, micro-holidays, new Legendary items and much more.The patch notes have been released in complete and contain changes made to professions and classes as a whole. Along with Timewalking, which takes you to a variety of unique dungeons out of Mists of Pandaria while offering a new vendor, the update introduces the Brawler's Guild with Royal boss fights and new rewards.

Other modifications include locating premade groups with the quest tracks, making it simpler to level your Artifact Knowledge on other characters if you're chief has hit degree 110. Artifact traits are causing some negative responses in buy classic wow gold PvP since those with 35 or more things at the traits can use them against others. This tips the scales quite radically, thus making a jumble of equilibrium.

Nostalrius is coming back, courtesy of the Elysium Project, allowing World of Warcraft fans to go through the vanilla version of the MMO on December 17th. This will incorporate both PvE and PvP activities and will also allow players to begin new figures (account info from the first server is still kept though).

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