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WOW Classic - Darkmoon Faire Available in WoW Classic
The Darkmoon Faire is a monthly event. It always lasts exactly one week and starts setting up on the first Friday of every month, becoming available at the start of the next Monday. In this month, Darkmoon Faire is now live in WoW Classic and will be available until July 12. Here is something that you should know about the Darkmoon Faire.


Date and Place of the Upcoming Darkmoon Faire

July 2020 6-12 — Elwynn Forest

August 2020 10-16 — Mulgore

September 2020 7-13 — Elwynn Forest

October 2020 5-11 — Mulgore

November 2020 9-15 — Elwynn Forest

December 2020 7-13 — Mulgore

What You Can Do During Darkmoon Faire

According to the above information, the faire in July takes place in Elwynn Forest. During the faire, you can take part in a host of various activities including collecting cards and trading them in for trinkets, and grabbing pets. If you’re Horde, don’t worry. You should still be able to get to the faire with a little work involving a zeppelin and careful traversal as noted here.

You’ll be able to earn Darkmoon Faire tickets and trade them in for various items at the faire. You can also earn these tickets through quests, which will be repeatable, or by turning in specific animal parts. You can also earn tickets through turning in items made with Engineering, Leathrwork, or Blacksmithing. Do note, however, that you do not need to be one of these professions to turn in items.

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